Four wheel drive conversion is ideal for:
  • Ski Resorts
  • Oil field exploration
  • Hotels
  • Extreme off-road conditions
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • School Buses
  • Resort Shuttles
  • Back Country Tours
  • Crew Transport

  • Improved Turning Radius over 2 wheel drive
  • Unique cross over steering set up eliminates bump steer
  • Steering control unmatched in the industry
  • Constant Load Suspension
  • Increased Traction and Safety
  • Improved Stability in Adverse weather conditions
  • More Gear, Cargo, and Passenger Capacity than the largest SUV

Ford Products

Advanced Four Wheel Drive Systems is approved by Ford to handle their vehicles' conversions from two to four wheel drive.

Components Standard equipment included with a Ford conversion.
Conversion Pricing Basic cost, optional equipment, delivery/transport information.
Operating Instructions Using your new four wheel drive vehicle. Warnings.
Guarantee and Warranty The support you can expect from AFWD during and after the conversion process.


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