Four wheel drive conversion is ideal for:
  • Ski Resorts
  • Oil field exploration
  • Hotels
  • Extreme off-road conditions
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • School Buses
  • Resort Shuttles
  • Back Country Tours
  • Crew Transport

  • Improved Turning Radius over 2 wheel drive
  • Unique cross over steering set up eliminates bump steer
  • Steering control unmatched in the industry
  • Constant Load Suspension
  • Increased Traction and Safety
  • Improved Stability in Adverse weather conditions
  • More Gear, Cargo, and Passenger Capacity than the largest SUV

Ford Pricing

The cost of a conversion varies depending on vehicle specifications. Contact us for details. Also see:

Optional Equipment List Additional equipment available for purchase and installation, including prices.
Delivery How to get your vehicle to and from our location.

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