About Us

Advanced Four Wheel Drive Systems had its beginnings in the mid 1970s converting mini-trucks (Datsun, Toyota, LUV, Courier and D-50) to four wheel drive. Before the term "sport utility" had been coined we had converted our first van to four wheel drive.

Since those early years, the vans have become more complex and we have simultaneously become more sophisticated in our methods in an order to keep up in such a dynamic and hi-tech industry. We have four wheel drive vehicles on every continent including Antarctica and Africa. The many years of experience and the demands of a changing industry have prepared us for the needs of nearly every customer into the next century.

There are several ways that you can acquire and deliver your van to us for four wheel drive conversion. Since we are approved by both Ford and GM you can order your new van directly from the dealer of your choice and they can then drop ship the vehicle directly to us through Ford and GM distribution systems.

Alternatively, we make an effort to be aware of the van inventory available in our area and can direct you to a dealer who might have the kind of vehicle you are looking for. Also, you can find the van of your choice and bring it directly to our facility on a prescheduled appointment date or you can request our assistance with the transportation of the vehicle to our plant.

The conversion of a van chassis involves the removal of the old two wheel drive components and the installation of a front drive axle, transfer case and other related parts. We are well aware that you may be concerned about the installation of an aftermarket conversion on your new vehicle.

We have over 25 years experience in the conversion business and have developed the ability to eliminate poor quality components and suppliers thereby providing you with a conversion that will last the life of the vehicle. We also know that an Advanced Four Wheel Drive Systems conversion is not your only option.

Keep in mind when making your decision about which vehicle is right for you that our conversions have the tightest turning radius in the industry; even tighter than most high end SUVs. We also use the highest quality components available including Dana/Spicer axle components and Borg Warner and New Process transfer cases.

Customers often express concern about the cost of conversion. But, when compared to the cost of other sport utility vehicles, you will find the cost of a van plus the four wheel drive conversion to be comparable or possibly even less. There are many reasons why a four wheel drive van from Advanced Four Wheel Drive Systems may suit your needs. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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