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Advanced Four Wheel Drive Systems

We have been the leader in 4X4 van conversion for over 30 years. We specialize in converting two wheel drive van chassis to four wheel drive. Any van, motor home, ambulance, shuttle bus, school bus, or other specialty vehicle can be equipped with four-wheel drive. In fact, we convert more types of van chassis to 4x4 than any other company in the world. Our 4X4 van conversions can be found on every continent, including Antarctica! 4x4 vans make the ultimate SUV! Get 4X4 for your van chassis today and enjoy:

  • The Safety, Security, and Power of Increased Traction
  • Best Ride Quality in the Industry
  • Effortless Maneuverability With a 12% Tighter Turning Radius
  • The Most Cargo Space of Any SUV
  • Twice the Passenger Capacity of Any Other 4X4
  • A 3 Year 36,000 Mile Iron Clad Warranty on the Entire Conversion

4X4 vans proved utility, versatility, and convenience that you can't get in any other vehicle. The cost of the
van and the conversion together are almost always less than other 4X4 trucks and SUVs. Plus, thanks to our years of experience in the industry and dedication to high-quality manufacturing standards, our 4WD van conversion won't affect your original manufacturer's warranty.


"Randy, I picked up the van from having its 30K mile service at the Chevy dealer: The common theme was that the mechanics and technicians were very impressed with the 4x4 conversion. They all commented on the professional and high quality work done on the van. They also recognized that the work was not done locally. Thanks for the great work done."

- Jose Torres



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